About Nomis Homes

Nomis is our CEO's last name spelled backwards. Nomis Homes ( Where we rest, relax, love, eat, entertain, feel safe and are our truest selves! ) has been an idea in the making by our CEO Deborah Simon for many years! When Deborah was 10, she crocheted potholders and asked her mother to sell them to her co-workers, and they did pretty well! Fast forward to Deborah graduating from the High School of Fashion Industries and going on to earn a BFA in Communication Design from Virginia Commonwealth University! Deborah has had lots of jobs, but in early 2020 she decided to literally ground herself ( She is a retired flight attendant. ) and become an entrepreneur. Please follow the continuing journey of Nomis Homes on Instagram or Facebook.



The mission of Nomis Homes is to help everyone achieve more wealth by purchasing real estate and then designing HOMES they love and thrive in!


The vision of Nomis Homes is to make owning “HOMES” the norm in every community! To create "HOMES" through beautiful design, unique accent pieces and efficient organization!



Hello, I am Deborah Simon! I was born on an island (St. Thomas, USVI), lived in the Bronx then Richmond and now I live in Atlanta. I made the move to Atlanta because of the diversity ( people, lifestyles and neighborhoods ), and that’s why I love helping single moms/dads, flight crews and families find properties that fit their unique needs in and around the Atlanta market.

Real estate, art, music, travel, decorating, volunteering, organizing are a few of my favorite things. I may also have a slight addiction to handbags, and I am writing a book about the life of a former flight attendant - ME!!!  Connect with me and . . . Let my team help you #makeithome.


Our goal is for every client to feel at home, heard and valued from the very first interaction with Nomis Homes! Buying a home can be very stressful, so another goal is to "do the hard/ugly stuff" behind the scenes and never let the client "feel" stressed! It will always be people before money for us! We want you to feel comfortable connecting with us on Instagram or Facebook, via email or by scheduling an appointment.